User Guide - Data Feeds

What do the different columns mean?

Action - This allows you to mark the jobs that you have actioned or dealt with. When you press the button your initials will appear and your colleagues will be able to see that you have dealt with that job.

Date – this is the date that the job is added to the feed.

Location – the region the job is located

Job title – job title as it appears on the job listing

Job type – type of job

Company – company name

Job Link – link to the job

URL – link to the company’s website.

When is the data updated?

Except UK national holidays the feed runs daily with the results available by 9am UK time.

Can I export the jobs data?

Yes. Just above the columns on the left hand side of the page is a link called “export”. You can export the data in CSV, TXT or JSON format.

Can I print the data?

Yes. In the top right hand corner of the page is a link called “print”.

If you have any further questions please chat to us